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Institute of Human-Centric Innovation

It is believed that the first step of an innovation journey is a solution idea. Actually; it is more effective and efficient to set off from the people to be served instead of a solution idea. In other words, it is better to develop solutions after understanding the target audience and their needs well. In this way, innovation becomes no longer a game of chance and leads to success beyond competition. Do you want to learn how to put people at the heart of your innovation initiatives? Check out the HCI method!


The first step in the HCI method is to discover a partially or completely unmet need of a group of people and understand the solution experience that they desire. Then, the next step is to design a solution and a delivery model iteratively with the target customer. The third step is to deliver the solution incrementally. 


Identify a Valuable Need

Search for a valuable need. Decide what to solve for whom.

Understand Desired Experience

Understand the desired solution experience of the target customer.

Design Total Solution

Design a desirable, feasible, viable and ecological solution and delivery model.

Build and Deliver Incrementally

Start small with the most vital. Then expand incrementally.


Below values are in the hearth of all steps.

Radical Collaboration

Involve customers, and all possible stakeholders at every stage. Take advantage of different perspectives and expertise. Participation and cooperation will make great difference at the end.


Radical Iteration

High complexity of human nature and human systems require us to plan-do-check-adjust (PDCA) in short cycles while innovating.

Learning Mindset

Assume a ‘growth mindset’ in the face of failure. Failure is an opportunity to learn.