Curiosity Test

One of the best ways to test whether you have found a need worth solving is to gauge how curious your audience would be about a possible solution. In this testing tool, you simply tell your audience about the problem and there is a solution is on the way to solve it perfectly. You then measure how much time your users spend learning about the possible solution.

How It Works?


Step 1

Choose a Promotion Medium

First, choose a promotion channel to explain the problem and announce that there is a good solution on the way. You should also setup a platform to allow users to request more information or pre-order a possible solution. Where and how you promote depends on your audience, your innovation topic, and your budget. At this point, you have many options. Here are a few hints.

The Internet, telephone, or physical environments can be your promotion channel. You can set up a website or create a small call center from project team members. If there are places your target audience frequents, you can also consider marketing your secret solution in those places. For example, you can set up a promotion table in places your target audience hangs around and establish face-to-face communication.

To attract your target audience to your promotion channel, you can consider advertising on the Internet, in some newspapers, magazines or radio stations that appeal to your target audience. You can infiltrate groups on social media platforms where your target audience is active and do guerrilla advertising. You can try leaving flyers in places your target audience frequents or using billboards in those areas.
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