Experience Mapping

This tool is used to visualize the emotions and thoughts that arise during the target audience's experience while fulfilling a need. The map should include all stages from the emergence of the need to finding a solution and meeting the need. It can be used to depict the current state as well as the future (desired) state. Capturing the full picture of the current state from the perspective of the target audience helps you identify opportunities. Depicting the full picture of the desired customer experience provides you guidance while developing a solution.
Experience Map

How It Works?


Step 1

Extract the Journey Steps through the Eyes of the Audience

Remember your representative users and think about the journey that each of them is going through in the context of your work topic. Different representative users may be experiencing different things. Then you will also need to multiplex the experience map.

The broader you define the user experience, the more opportunities for improvement you will identify. Then organize the user steps you have identified and place them sequentially. The map can also include branches that show alternative paths in the audience's journey.
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