Force Field Mapping

This tool helps to visualize the forces that shape the target audience's behavior in the context under investigation. It provides a good starting point to discuss what is needed to change the current behavior of the target audience to the desired behavior.

How It Works?


Step 1

List the Forces Influencing the Audience

You should make this map separately for each representative user. Based on the insights gained during the research phase, list all the tangible and intangible factors that influence the user's behavior in the context under review. Tangibles can be a number of technical and financial factors. Intangibles can be thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Let's say you have identified a middle-aged person who likes fried food but does not prepare fried food at home, lives in a metropolitan area with a small family and has a busy work schedule as the target audience. You can imagine the factors that cause her not to fry at home, such as her kitchen not being suitable for frying, not having time to prepare food at home, frying taking a long time, and believing that frying is unhealthy.

Rate how big each force is on a scale of five or ten. Let's say that taking too long to fry is a strength of one out of five, and the belief that frying is unhealthy is a strength of five out of five.
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