Idea Storming

This tool helps you utilize the collective wisdom of a group by fostering active listening and mutual support through idea storming to development solution ideas collaboratively.

How It Works?


Step 1

Prepare Questions

Commence the idea storming process with your project team. Subsequently, replicate the process with individuals from your target audience and various experts related to your innovation topic.

Before initiating the idea storming session, ensure preparedness in two key areas. First, create a concise briefing for external participants. Minimize delivery to keep them as impartial observers. Second, define the questions you aim to address, considering the design principles and user problems identified earlier.

Employ tools like Question Storming, Eight Perspectives, ERRC, and SCAMPER to formulate thought-provoking questions, prioritizing a few key queries.

To yield valuable ideas, prioritize each question and allocate at least fifteen to twenty minutes for ideation. The goal is to amass a substantial number of ideas, ideally exceeding a hundred for each question, indicating a productive idea storming session.
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