Innovation Frame

This tool is used to clarify the boundaries of an innovation initiative. It is especially useful in the start-up phase to get the team mentally aligned and to get the sponsor on board. As the work progresses, it helps to align the team both internally and with other stakeholders. Therefore, the results of this study should be continually revised and updated throughout the innovation initiative as new insights are gained and the direction of the innovation initiative changes.
Innovation Frame

How It Works?


Step 1

Clarify Whose Needs You Are Solving

It is very difficult to create a solution, which will meet one need for everyone. It is also not possible to meet all the needs of a group. Clarify whose need you want to focus on and what you want to accomplish about that need. Sharp focus is a critical success factor in innovation efforts. Keep in mind, however, that when we talk about clarity, we don't mean steadiness. In most cases, you will have limited knowledge about your innovation topic in the early stages. Remember that the target audience and the need you initially identified may change as your work progresses and you gain more insight.

A complete problem definition also expresses constraints and conditions. It would be better if it also refers to a measurable indicator. For example, instead of making a problem definition like "How can we improve the service of defective products?", it is better to say "How can we increase the satisfaction of our provincial customers with the service of defective products above eighty percent without structural investment?". In this way, you turn the result you want to achieve into a short and memorable sentence. Problem definition should be broad enough to give you direction and narrow enough not to limit your creativity in finding solutions. You can do a mini-workshop on this.
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