Persona Analysis

Persona analysis is an effective tool for bringing empathy into the solution design process. It allows you to keep your target audience alive in your mind during the later stages of your innovation work. Based on insights, the aim is to create a detailed synthetic personality or several synthetic personalities to represent your target audience.

How It Works?


Step 1

Try Generating Matrices

Identify the dimensions that stand out among your insights and try to create matrices out of them. Then place the elements relevant to your research topic (products, people, goals...etc.) into this matrix. Looking at your data through these matrices can give you different perspectives. In which dimensions does your target audience differ in terms of your innovation topic? Which elements do different user audiences care more about?

Let's say you are working on a restaurant concept. Imagine that the dimensions of variety seeking and calorie awareness come to the forefront in your target audience. In other words, among your target audience, while one group is inclined to experience different flavors in search of variety, another group does not stick to traditional dishes. In terms of calorie awareness, one group weighs the calories in everything they eat, while another group doesn't care. I wonder what kind of a picture you get if you overlap these two dimensions?

If your target audience is largely similar in line with your innovation topic, you can create a single representative user. If there are divergent groups, you will need to create more than one representative user.
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