Stakeholder Analysis

It is important to understand the stakeholders of the innovation topic you will be working on - the people with a direct or indirect interest in the topic. Solutions that do not take these relationships into account cannot survive. With this tool, you can better understand the complex system of relationships that your innovation topic involves.

How It Works?


Step 1

Identify Stakeholders, Relationships and Priorities

Think about who is most interested in your innovation topic outside the target audience. Who influences and is influenced? Stakeholders can be a person, a group or an organization. You can ask your target audience, but don't stop with the stakeholders they tell you, because some stakeholders may not even be aware of them. This is especially the case with organizational needs. There may be too many people and functions influencing how the need is solved, and the people who actually use the solution are often not aware of this chain of influence. Once you have identified the stakeholders, think about how each stakeholder has a vested interest in your topic. Write down the first objective statement that comes to mind, then identify higher objectives by asking "Why?" questions. If possible, interview stakeholder representatives to check your assumptions about their priorities. Some stakeholders may have similar priorities. Then you can also group them together.
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